Q: Can I have an HPC account?

Students need faculty sponsor for HPC account. Whether you need an HPC account for research or course work, you'll need a faculty to make the account request for you with proper justification.

How much storage space can I have on HPC?

By defeult a student account had a disk quota of 10GB. If you are doing a research project with faculty and the faculty has a project account, the faculty may request that your account be added to the project account.

Does my HPC account expire?

Yes, your account expires after you graduate, or after 12 months of inactivity, whichever happens first.

I have never used Linux before. Is there any tutorials for new users?

Here are some resource links for beginner:

I am not able to login to my HPC account. What can I do?

You should try to login to ISU portal first to make sure that your ISU username and password still work. If you are able to login to ISU portal but not HPC, contact OIT help desk calling X2910.