Request Obsidian User Account

Faculty and research staff may call OIT help desk X2910 directly to request obsidian account, or click this link to request account online.

Students need faculty sponsorship to request obsidian account.

When faculty request account for students, please provide students's full name and University Username, and the purpose of usage (research or course work). Once your account has been created, use your ISU username (portal id) and password to login. The cluster domain name is

Request Obsidian Project Account

Only faculty may request a project account for collaborative research projects. When you request a project account, please provide the project account name of your preference, and the users you would like to add under the project account.

File Backup

Files under home directories of user accounts will be backed up on obsidian backup partition. Files under the project accounts will not be backed up. It is the user's own responsibility to backup results and data under project account.

Remotely Login to Obsidian

Linux and Mac users are recommended to use ssh to access obsidian. Windows users may download and install putty or xshell to remotely connect to obsidian. Windows user may also need to download and install winscp to transfer files between your Windows workstation and obsidian cluster. Windows 10 users can also use Ubuntu Bash Shell to connect to ssh.